Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Skylon Vector 8 HLCD Speaker: Product Review

Skylon has been around for 30 years and offers a great line of high quality products. The Vector 8 HLCD Tower Speakers are no exception!

HLCD stand for horn loaded compression driver. These speakers have a 8" mid-base driver with a 1" compression loaded horn, this is what makes these speakers so loud with a clear, crisp sound. You can hear them whether you are in the boat or in the wakes. Let's not forget their style... just look at how trendy they are!

Skylon offers these speakers in Black or White. Skylon is one of the only manufacturers we carry that offer adapters for some of the OEM Towers. Listed below are the clamps and adapters they offer.

Black Skylon Vector 8 Speaker
Black Skylon Vector 8 Speaker
White Skylon Vector 8 Speaker
White Skylon Vector 8 Speaker

  • Malibu G3 Double Adaptor Black 
  • Malibu G3 Single Adaptor Black 
  • Mastercraft Tower Adaptor 
  • Universal Clamp (1.75" - 2.875")
  • Evolution Tower 
  • Gladiator Tower  

Overall these speakers have a great design with a great sound. Not to mention they will fit most towers. They retail for $1,099.00, but guess what?! Wake Essentials has them discounted! If you have any questions contact us.
Black Skylon Vector 8 Speakers
Black Skylon Vector 8 Speakers 

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