Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Roswell Elite Rack: Product Review

Roswell has been in business for about 17 years. They strive to have innovation, technology and quality. They have over 300 dealers around the world that help them get these quality products to you and we are proud to be one those.

Roswell Wakeboard Racks

Roswell has two different lines of products, the Roswell Classic Series and the Roswell Elite Series. Lets talk about the Elite Series Racks. A list of these rack are below.

Roswell Surf XL Rack
Roswell Surf XL Rack 

  • Elite Board Rack (holds 2 wakeboards)(Over molded tines)
  • Elite Wake/Surf Rack (holds 1 surfboard and 1 wakeboard)(Over molded tines)
  • Elite Dual Surf Rack (holds 2 surfboards)(Over molded tines)
  • Elite Surf XL Rack (holds 2 larger style surfboards)(Over molded tines)
  • Elite Kneeboard Rack (holds 1 kneeboard)
  • Elite Kneeboard/Wake Rack (holds 1 kneeboard and 1 wakeboard)
  • Elite Ski Rack (holds 1 pair of water skis)

Roswell Elite Board Rack
Roswell Elite Board Rack
These wakeboard racks have a stylish but durable design. They come in a brushed anodized finish, which is great in harsh elements such as salt water. A RWA (Roswell Wake Air) medallion comes with all of the hardware. The medallion is there to cover the center connection bolts, this keeps these racks looking sleek. Some of the tines (or forks) are over molded, which is just a coating. This coating not only protects you board but the tines as well. 

All in all these are great racks, with a great name behind them. However, their prices are middle of the road. If you have the money to spend this would be a great choice. 

If you have any questions contact Wake Essentials or Roswell!

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