Wednesday, February 27, 2013

How to Install a Wakeboard Tower: Part II

Step 4: Install the back brackets

Now attach the backing plates, base pads and bases of the back brackets.

  • Put the backing plate and one of the base pads behind the front of the boat, with the base pad resting against the boat.
  • Put the other base pad against the front of the boat and place the base on top of the pad.
  • Lubricate the bolts before screwing everything into place.
  • Tighten these in place by hand.
  • Check to ensure that the base is firmly in place. Tighten further if needed.

Step 5: Get the wake tower in place on the back brackets

  • Attach the rear legs to the back brackets
  • Put the wakeboard tower in the up position and move the front legs in place at the front of the boat.
  • Double check the previously determined markers for the front legs. Remark if necessary.

Step 6: Drill holes for the front brackets

Repeat the steps for drilling the holes for the back brackets.

Step 7: Install the front brackets

Repeat the steps for installing the back brackets.

Step 8: Make final adjustments

  • Use a ratchet strap to pull in the tower corners before drilling the holes. This helps give the tower a pre-load, which provides it with more stability and rigidity.
  • Measure to make sure the tower is centered when in the up position by measuring from one corner at the top of the tower to the base mount on the opposite side.
  • Measure again from the other top corner down to the opposite base.
  • When both sides are within ¼” tighten all the screw sets so the tower is stiff.

Optional Last Step: Set up Your Wakeboard Speakers & Wakeboard Mirror

Of course no wake tower is complete without a set of wakeboard speakers that can kick out beats while you wakeboard and a wakeboard mirror so that you’ll know when to circle around and pick up your friend after a wipeout.

  • Speakers/mirrors should be installed after the tower is up and in place.
  • Mount the speakers to the top bar of the tower.
  • Drill holes for the speaker wires in the bottom of one of the legs.
  • Snake the wires through the back leg up to the speakers.
  • Put a protective cover over the wires.
  • Wakeboard mirrors simply wrap around the tower bar with adjustable fasteners that keep them in place.
  • The wakeboard mirror can be adjusted by hand after installation, giving you the perfect viewing angle.

Watch this wake tower installation YouTube video for a visual demo of the steps listed above, and feel free to let us know if you have any questions.

What is your favorite brand of wakeboard towers? Why?

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