Thursday, December 31, 2015

Vulcan Vector Tower :Product Review

Vulcan Wake provide's good quality at an amazingly low price. Vulcan Wake is a long standing China based company that was not featured in the US until 2014.

Polished Aluminium Vulcan Vector Tower
Polished Aluminium
Vulcan Vector Tower
The Vulcan Vector Tower has a bottom bar that was designed to follow the windshield line of most boats. This add a little something different to this tower. Some towers that have this style with the bottom bar have to be completely straight up and down, completely level, and mounted in the exact same spot on both sides for the tower to go together properly. When it comes to the Vector those issues are not relevant and it is definitely not that complicated. Yes, some boat areas for installation may have the bottom bar mounts in the same place on both sides but they can also be tilted in if you like it better that way.

There is a lot of adjustment in this tower. The width is even adjustable too, it will fit 72"-103" wide.  It stands about 5 feet tall. Need to fit under a bridge or garage and worried your boat will be to tall with an additional 5 feet? Problem solved! The Vector is collapsible to near windshield height.

The Vector is available in 2 finishes listed below

  • Polished Aluminium 
  • Black Powder Coat
It is also a double bar tower, which means there are two bars at the top of the tower. Vulcan says you can pull 1-2 adult riders with this tower. 

This tower also comes with a 5 year manufacturers warranty. If you have any issues with workmanship they will take care of it. 

Overall this is a great tower. It is strong, stylish, durable and reasonably priced. What else do you really need?  

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Big Air Cuda Tower: Product Review

Big Air is one of our most popular manufacturers that we carry. They have been in business for nearly 20 years! In our experiences with them they have been very easy to deal with. They are very serious about their customer service. They are a Christian based company and with these values in mind they try to keep their customers first and their prices affordable, which allows us to offer great pricing to you!

One of the most popular towers we carry is the Big Air Cuda Tower, for good reason. The Cuda tower is an extremely rigid tower. In Big Air's instructions they explain how to preload the tower, this is where a lot of your rigidity comes from. This tower is SOLID! Want to pull two riders at a time? You can
do it with this tower, NO PROBLEM!

Polished Aluminium Big Air Cuda Tower
Polished Aluminium Big Air Cuda Tower
Not only is this tower strong, it looks great! This tower has a unique forward sweeping design that looks awesome on almost everything. Big Air kept all people in mind when designing and testing this tower.
Want to change it up and mount it sweeping to rear, you can! You won't loose any strength.
Don't want to clamp a rack onto the tubing of your tower? The Cuda has a built in adapter on each side for the Razor Series racks, keeping the towers sleek lines from being interrupted with a bulky clamp.

This tower is available in three finishes listed below.

  • Polished Aluminum - (high chrome look)
  • Polished Anodized - (a protective coating over a polished aluminium tower, looks similar to a satin finish)
  • Black Powder Coat - (durable gloss black coating) 

Polished Aluminium Big Air Cuda Tower
Polished Aluminium Big Air Cuda Tower
If you are planning to install the Cuda on your own I would recommend watching the installation video linked below and getting a friend or two to assist. Standing about 5 feet tall this is not a small tower, you could probably use the extra hand. The video will give you an idea of what your going to be doing, as well as give you helpful tips and tricks.

If you are going to install speakers on your tower you will need to run wiring, there is a link below on running wiring in the Cuda tower that may also be helpful. 
Black Powder Coat Big Air Cuda Tower
Black Powder Coat Big Air Cuda Tower 

Overall if you decide to purchase the Big Air Cuda Tower you will not be disappointed. You will have an extremely strong tower with a stylish design. If you have any questions feel free to contact us or Big Air

*Update: Big Air has notified us that their installation instructions have been updated due to some conflicting items between their install video and written instructions. 

Helpful Links:

  Customer Reviews:

 Cuda Tower 1999 Mastercraft Maristar 210 VRSSeptember 30, 2015
Reviewer: Sean Cholas from Grand Junction, CO United States
Tower looks great on the boat and seems like it will be very sturdy. The quality is what I expected and don't have any issues or concerns. Will probably purchase another tower like this when I get another boat.

 Big Air Cuda TowerAugust 6, 2015
Reviewer: Travis from Tifton, GA United States
This is the best tower on the market.  It's rigid and stiff as nails and need I say great looking on my boat. I watched their YouTube install video and installed it myself.

 Great experienceJune 8, 2015
ReviewerAnonymous Person from NAshville, TN United States
The tower was shipped promptly and was easy to install. Great experience at a good price!!!

 Monterey 228 w/Cuda TowerApril 2, 2015
Reviewer: Justin Towell from Euless, TX United States
I was nervous purchasing this tower and installing it myself, but I found Big Air's install video on YouTube and watching it gave me the steps and confidence I needed to finish this project. It showed up in just a couple days, and with the assistance of a couple buddies, we had it built, wired, and installed in roughly 4 hours. Amazing tower. Very happy with my purchase.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Roswell Elite Rack: Product Review

Roswell has been in business for about 17 years. They strive to have innovation, technology and quality. They have over 300 dealers around the world that help them get these quality products to you and we are proud to be one those.

Roswell Wakeboard Racks

Roswell has two different lines of products, the Roswell Classic Series and the Roswell Elite Series. Lets talk about the Elite Series Racks. A list of these rack are below.

Roswell Surf XL Rack
Roswell Surf XL Rack 

  • Elite Board Rack (holds 2 wakeboards)(Over molded tines)
  • Elite Wake/Surf Rack (holds 1 surfboard and 1 wakeboard)(Over molded tines)
  • Elite Dual Surf Rack (holds 2 surfboards)(Over molded tines)
  • Elite Surf XL Rack (holds 2 larger style surfboards)(Over molded tines)
  • Elite Kneeboard Rack (holds 1 kneeboard)
  • Elite Kneeboard/Wake Rack (holds 1 kneeboard and 1 wakeboard)
  • Elite Ski Rack (holds 1 pair of water skis)

Roswell Elite Board Rack
Roswell Elite Board Rack
These wakeboard racks have a stylish but durable design. They come in a brushed anodized finish, which is great in harsh elements such as salt water. A RWA (Roswell Wake Air) medallion comes with all of the hardware. The medallion is there to cover the center connection bolts, this keeps these racks looking sleek. Some of the tines (or forks) are over molded, which is just a coating. This coating not only protects you board but the tines as well. 

All in all these are great racks, with a great name behind them. However, their prices are middle of the road. If you have the money to spend this would be a great choice. 

If you have any questions contact Wake Essentials or Roswell!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Skylon X2 Rack: Product Review

Skylon is a US based company that has been around for 30 years. They have great customer service and most of their products are made in the US. However, their products are a little on the pricey side but you pay for quality. All Skylon products have a 1 year manufacturers warranty. We have yet to have a customer need to use the warranty.

Skylon Wakeboard Tower Racks

Skylon X2 Triple Wake/Surf/Wake Rack
Skylon X2 Triple Wake/Surf/Wake Rack
Skylon has one line of wakeboard racks, the X2 line. Lets talk about them.

All of the above racks come in a brushed and polished finish, which means they come in a brushed finish with polished edges. This is a very different finish than you see with other manufacturers and it looks great. These racks have liners to protect your highend boards. Skylon is one of the only manufacturers we carry that offer adapters for some of the OEM Towers. Listed below are the clamps and adapters they offer. 
Skylon X2 Combo Rack with rubber dipped forks
Skylon X2 Combo Rack with
rubber dipped forks
  • Axis Wake Research Tower
  • Centurion Gladiator Lower Adapter 
  • Moomba OZ Tower 
  • Illusion X &  Evolution Adapter 
  • 2.25" & 2.375" Rack Clamp
  • 1.875" & 2.0" Rack Clamp
Overall you are getting what you pay for with these racks. Definitely good racks but not a recommendation for the frugal buyer.

If you have any questions please contact Wake Essentials or Skylon