Friday, June 30, 2017

Skylon X3 Rack: Product Review

Skylon has been around for about 30 years. WOW! That is a long time. They strive to make a very high quality product. They also strive to keep their customer service top of the line as well. Skylon not only makes universal wakeboard towers and accessories they also make factory towers for a few boat manufacturer.

Skylon X3 Wake/Surf Rubber Dipped
Skylon recently introduced a new style rack, the X3 series. Skylon generally sticks with a classic and sleek style. They did not vary from this when designing their new X3 series. Their are multiple racks offered below in this series, listed below.
  • X3 Combo Wake/Surf Rubber Dipped 
  • X3 Combo Wake/Surf Anodized 
  • X3 Double Surf Anodized 
  • X3 Double Surf Rubber Dipped 
  • X3 Triple Shocker Wake/Surf Wake Anodized 
  • X3 Waterski Rack Rubber Dipped 
  • X3 Pro Series Surf 3x3 Rubber Dipped 
  • X3 Pro Series Surf 3x4 Rubber Dipped

All of these racks are a brushed anodized finish. You may have noticed that some racks are anodized and others are rubber dipper, these racks are similar the only difference is the forks as shown in the photos.

 Skylon also offers adapters as well as clamps. All of these are listed below. This is one thing that Skylon offers that few manufacturers do. This is really nice if you have a OEM tower and are looking for a nice rack. 
Skyon X3 Wake/Surf Anodized 

  • Round Tube Clamp 1 7/8" and 2"
  • Round Tube Clamp 2 1/4" and 2 3/8"
  • Axis Tower Adapter 
  • Gladiator Tower Lower Mount Kit 
  • Illusion X and Evolution Adapter 
  • Moomba OZ Tower Adapter 
  • Sanger Tower Adapter 

Overall, you are getting what you pay for with these racks. Not very many manufacturers offer OEM tower  Definitely good racks but not a recommendation for the frugal buyer.