Sunday, October 23, 2016

How important is front to back stance when buying a wakeboard tower?

Sometimes its really hard to know what is important when buying a tower. We want to provide information to help aid you in your purchase.

Skylon FST 
Front to back stance is one of those things that can be a big deal down the road. Narrow stance towers can cause a lot of stress in a small area. This stress can cause issues, such as your gel coat cracking. If you want a tower with a narrow stance you need to reinforce the area. Make sure your hull is as thick as the manufacturer recommends. Keep in mind some manufacturers recommend a certain hull thickness and do not provide a bolt for much thicker than that. I personally would be really upset to find I reinforced too much and the bolt wouldn't go through.

The Skylon FST is a great tower with a narrow stance. As long as you make sure you have enough reinforcement you shouldn't have any problems with this tower.

Big Air Predator
The Big Air Predator Tower is a good example of a tower with a wide stance. Just make sure your hull is to the manufactures recommended thickness and you shouldn't have any issues.

Some manufacturers try to keep the front to back stance wide to prevent issues down the road, like gel coat cracking. A wider stance allows the stressed area to be spread out.

Lets just be honest here..... Stance can be a big part of the tower appeal and design. If you don't like, or are worried about the stance, ask questions. Figure out what the manufacturer recommends before purchasing.

Just keep this little factor in mind when purchasing a tower.