Tuesday, November 11, 2014

With so many bimini choices... Where do you start?

There are many different biminis our there for sale. With so many choices, you have to ask yourself some questions. We're here to guide you through these questions.

Roswell Shadow Top Bimini
Roswell Shadow Top

Does the manufacturer make one specific to your tower?

Some manufactures make a certain bimini for a specific tower, such as Roswell. For example, they make the Shadow Top specifically for the Aviator tower. Others make "universal" biminis such as Big Air. They state that their biminis generally fit most towers 2.5"-1.5" tubing, additional measurements may be required.

What looks best to you? What do you think will look best on your boat?

A lot of your bimini choice is about ascetics.
Look around to see if  your tower manufacturer makes a bimini specifically for your tower. If they do it may be something you love. If so, keep it in mind. If you are not that fond of it move on, don't waste your time.

The little things may be (or become) a big deal to you. Will things like removing a canvas or loosing head room drive you insane? All biminis have different features. Some mount over the tower, some mount under, some have a removable canvas. While others are stationary, some are collapsible. So lets look into these a little more.

Big Air Super Shadow Bimini
Big Air Super Shadow Bimini

Do you want a bimini that mounts over the tower?

Choosing a bimini that mounts over the tower allows you to keep your head room. This can be very beneficial if you are tall. For instance, the Big Air Super Shadow Bimini. This bimini is a large 76"x76" square, that's over 6 feet on all sides. Imagine the shade that provides! With this simple but intricate design there is no need to worry about your tow rope interfering with the canvas while pulling a rider.

Big Air Bimini
Big Air Bimini

Would you prefer a bimini that mounts under the tower?

The Big Air Bimini, Big Air Collapsible Bimini, and the Roswell Sun Top mount under the tower. The Big Air Bimini is a semi-custom bimini made to the interior measurements of your tower (that you provide).

Do you mind removing the canvas when you are off the water?

The Super Shadow Bimini canvas is very simple to remove, you just undo some buckle clips (like those on most life jackets) and store the canvas away. The Big Air Bimini is also very easy to remove. You still undo the buckle clips but the canvas will furl onto the front bar and you have a boot to store the canvas in for travel.

Big Air Collapsible Bimini
Big Air Collapsible Bimini

Would you prefer to not worry about installing the canvas?

 If you don't want to worry about removing and installing the canvas for your bimini. the Big Air Collapsible Bimini may be for you. With this bimini you just fold it up and secure it to the tower!! How easy?
Barewest also offers one.
The Roswell Shadow Top even collapses WITH the tower!

What do the reviews say?

Last but definitely not least...Reviews can save you from buying a bad product or sell you on a good one. Reviews may even tell you the small things that people like or dislike.

After you consider all of these things you should have a pretty good idea of what you want. If you are still having issue deciding please contact us, we are always happy to help.