Thursday, December 31, 2015

Vulcan Vector Tower :Product Review

Vulcan Wake provide's good quality at an amazingly low price. Vulcan Wake is a long standing China based company that was not featured in the US until 2014.

Polished Aluminium Vulcan Vector Tower
Polished Aluminium
Vulcan Vector Tower
The Vulcan Vector Tower has a bottom bar that was designed to follow the windshield line of most boats. This add a little something different to this tower. Some towers that have this style with the bottom bar have to be completely straight up and down, completely level, and mounted in the exact same spot on both sides for the tower to go together properly. When it comes to the Vector those issues are not relevant and it is definitely not that complicated. Yes, some boat areas for installation may have the bottom bar mounts in the same place on both sides but they can also be tilted in if you like it better that way.

There is a lot of adjustment in this tower. The width is even adjustable too, it will fit 72"-103" wide.  It stands about 5 feet tall. Need to fit under a bridge or garage and worried your boat will be to tall with an additional 5 feet? Problem solved! The Vector is collapsible to near windshield height.

The Vector is available in 2 finishes listed below

  • Polished Aluminium 
  • Black Powder Coat
It is also a double bar tower, which means there are two bars at the top of the tower. Vulcan says you can pull 1-2 adult riders with this tower. 

This tower also comes with a 5 year manufacturers warranty. If you have any issues with workmanship they will take care of it. 

Overall this is a great tower. It is strong, stylish, durable and reasonably priced. What else do you really need?  

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