Friday, March 30, 2018

Want To See A Tower On Your Boat?

Big Air is one of our most popular manufacturers that we carry. They have been in business for nearly 20 years! In our experiences with them they have been very easy to deal with. They are very serious about their customer service. They are a Christian based company and with these values in mind they try to keep their customers first and their prices affordable, which allows us to offer great pricing to you!

Big Air has out done themselves. They have released a feature on their website that allows you to see their towers on your boat. They call it the Tower Visualizer. This is so nice! It definitely helps you know what a tower will look like on your boat. This could also help you decide between towers if it is down to the aesthetics.

The way it works is, you can upload an image of your boat (or select a boat similar to yours if they have one) adjust the image size to fit the length of the boat. Then choose a tower you would like to see. You can even print or save the image if you want to show your spouse or friend. 

The Tower Visualizer is definitely worth a look if you are struggling to decide on a tower, just want to see a tower on your boat or trying to talk you spouse into a tower. It has definitely helped some of our customers. If you have questions about a tower just contact us. 

Friday, March 23, 2018

How to Choose a Wakeboard

Looking for a board? Don't know what to buy or how to pick? First you need to decide what style, shape, and length is right for you.

Below is a rough chart. However, each manufacturer has their own length recommendations. Please go by the manufacturer recommendations. 
   Rider Weight (lbs)             Wakeboard Length (cm)
 Under 100                            130 or Under
90 - 150                                 130 - 134
130 - 180                               135 - 139
170 - 250                               140 - 144
       200 - 275+                           144 or Greater

Construction: Some high end boards are made of wood covered in fiberglass. However, most boards are made of high density foam covered with fiberglass. The amount of fiberglass determines the amount of the flex a board has. Thus, the less thick the fiberglass is on a board the more flexible a board is. Flex in a board is good for beginners, especially in choppy water. The flex of the board helps adapt to the rough choppy water. More advanced boards are more stiff. This allow them to get more "pop" off the wake. 
A flex board is compression molded. This allows the board to be stiff in the middle and flex at the ends. Some manufacturers of these board recommend this type of board for sliders and rails.  

Shape: There are a ton of different styles and combinations of styles. Choosing a style has a lot to do with what kind of rider you are. A wide board allow you to get more "pop" off the wake but not carve well. More Narrow boards allow you to carve better but you won't get the same "pop". The tip and tail of a board have a lot to do with the way the board releases off of the water. A board with a more rounded tail and tip will release off the water slower. While a square one is more snappy. 

Continuous: A Continuous Rocker has a smooth arch. This is normally found on beginner boards. You also get a smooth and consistent release off the wake and when cutting into the wake. Due to the curvature of the board it has more contact with the water. This allow smoother transition and a softer landing. 
3 Stage: A 3 Stage Rocker has 3 areas, a flat center and (2) curved edges. This board style normally for more advanced riders. This shape allows your board to stay on top of the water a little more, which in turn provides less drag and a more explosive "pop" off the wake as well allow you to keep speed. 
Hybrid: A Hybrid Rocker combines the best of both worlds. You get a fast and consistent board. 

Fins: There are different types of fins, such as deep or shallow,fat or thin, removable or molded. Deeper fins are generally for beginners.

The above explanations of each feature should help you decide what you want out of a board.