Friday, March 31, 2017

Big Air Torrent Tower

Big Air is one of our most popular manufacturers that we carry. They have been in business for nearly 20 years! In our experiences with them they have been very easy to deal with. They are very serious about their customer service. They are a Christian based company and with these values in mind they try to keep their customers first and their prices affordable, which allows us to offer great pricing to you!

The Big Air Torrent Tower is a very unique tower that fits most boat 72"-103" . It has gussets in the corners to ensures a solid pull. This aluminium tower stands about 5ft tall, which should give you a significant about a head room. Do you store your boat in garage or boat lift but want a tower? No need to worry, the torrent is collapsible to near windshield height. The best part is the racks swivel! This feature makes getting boards and putting them away a breeze. 

Polished Aluminium Big Air Torrent Tower
The torrent is available in three finishes, listed below.

  • Polished Aluminium 
  • Polished Anodized (+$50)
  • Black Powder Coat 

Big Air also offers a option for a navigation light that integrates into the in to the tow knob. This is a really nice aspect especially compared to the ones that clamp on. Oh, and it is half the price of most competitors navigation lights.  

Big Air Torrent Tower Plate 

This stylish tower has built in racks Big Air allow to fit you board storage needs. This tower hold to racks, each rack can hold multiple boards. Below is a list of what you can hold on one side of the tower. Please note you can choose to hold to the same or different boards on each side. 
  • 2 wakeboards 
  • 1 wakeboard and 1 kneeboard 
  • 2 wakeboards and 1 kneeboard
  • 2 wakeboards and 1 surf 

Overall, The Big Air Torrent tower is a great, unique and durable tower. You will definitely enjoy the built in swivel racks. Plus not only will you have a "boss" tower you will have a great company backing that tower. Honestly, you can't go wrong with the Big Air Torrent Tower.