Friday, June 6, 2014

Do I need a Navigation Light?

Barewest 360 Anchor Navigation Light
Barewest 360 Anchor Light
 In most places you are required to have a navigation light at the tallest point of your boat. If you have installed a tower on your boat its normally the tallest point. If it's not, you have my attention and I want to know what is.

Roswell Anchor Navigation Light
Roswell Anchor Light
I would recommend purchasing one. They are fairly simple to hook up, but of course you (I, me, we) can make anything complicated. Most of the newer models hook directly up to the tow point of the tower. Others clamp on. However, any model we have installed does not include wiring for the tower, just a small pigtail to attach to. 

Big Air Navigation Light
Big Air Navigation Light
Compatible with 2013 models and newer.
I'm not telling you to go out and purchase one, I'm just letting you know might be a good idea. If your not going to be on the water at night its not that big of a deal in my opinion, but take my opinion as simply that. I would check your local boating laws to ensure they don't state you need one if you don't want to buy one. If the law states you need to have one, you should probably purchase one. Most importantly it helps keep you safe! There is a lot you can't see at night. If you have a navigation light it may even help someone see you.