Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Should I install my own wakeboard tower?

We get this question a lot!  Seriously. Every. Single. Day.

Installing your own wakeboard tower is as easy as following instructions. If you are fairly handy this should not be a difficult process. This doesn’t mean we don’t want to handle your installation. If you want to bring us your boat we are more than happy to install your tower for you. While we take great care of our customer boats, who is going to take better care of your boat than you?

It is always good to have some help. This is something we always do, even in the shop when installing a tower on a customer’s boat.

To start the process, check to make sure you have access to the inside of the hull of your boat. Be sure to do this before you ever drill a hole. You will be extremely mad at yourself if you drill and you can’t get to the other side to install the nut and bolt. This is also a step where knowing the front to back stance of the tower will be helpful, this will tell you how far apart your mounts will need to be. All towers are different. For instance, a Big Air Vapor tower has a set front to back stance, while the Vulcan Boost has an adjustable front to back stance. Make sure you have clear access to all 4 mounting points.

Drilling in Your Wakeboard Tower
This is a customer install photo from their blog.
This is a Big Air Ice Tower Mount from a
 couple years ago. Big Air has recently
updated the mount style.
As our Roswell Wake Air representative stated “the hardest part for most people is drilling into their own boat”. This is mostly just nerves. You are about to drill into something you spent a lot of money on. Keep in mind, you are improving it.

Place some painters tape or masking tape down so you can mark where you need to drill without damaging or marking on your boat. Use the mount as a template if possible.

Measuring Wakeboard Tower InstallationBe sure to “measure twice, drill once”. This is something I have always been told and is a good rule to go by.

From there on out, as I said before, it is as easy as following the instructions. If you have a problem or question at any point of your installation, just give us or the manufacturer a call. We will help as best we can or point you to someone who can. Some manufacturers even have installation videos you can watch.

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